Basic Public Affairs Course for A5 countries


In the period from 11-13 September, PARC in cooperation with the General Staff of the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia has gathered the PA practitioners from the Ministries of Defence and Armed forces of the A-5 Countries  (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and North Macedonia).

This 3-day course was a unique opportunity for thirteen participants to learn, share experience and practice their communication and media dealing skills as part of the “Basic Public Affairs in Course”.

The main goal was to create a platform for learning and practicing the basic public affairs tools necessary for dealing with the Media.

Furthermore, the course provided the participants with the insight of the importance of Social Media, basics of Communication and introduced them with the best ways for creating and delivering effective key messages.

Moreover, during the course participants had the opportunity to get solid practical experience in work with camera exposure trough simulations of realistic scenarios for TV Interview, Statements and Press Conference.