Building Integrity in Public Affairs Course


In the period from 1 st till 5 th of April PARC hosted the first Building Integrity in Public Affairs course developed through the cooperation between the Public Affairs Regional Center (PARC) and NATO Building Integrity program. Participants from Austria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Iraq and North Macedonia had the opportunity to get basic knowledge in strengthening the integrity, transparency and accountability and reducing the risk of corruption in the defence sector.

The course also examines the core concepts, importance and the influence of the Public Affairs efforts to foster awareness and understanding of NATO Building Integrity as a core value of the Alliance and to increase the level of debate on the role of communication.

Moreover, trough practical exercises based on realistic scenarios they practiced the most effective tools for working with the media when countering corruption.

This project integrates theory and practice, the theory part is based on understanding corruption as security risk, and the importance of rule of law, transparent and accountable institutions.

The practical part included practicing public affairs tools – giving TV statements, TV interviews,
Debate and organizing Press conference. The main goal of the practice was to create a  platform for learning and practicing the basic public affairs tools necessary for dealing with the Media.

Upon completion all course participants were awarded with Certificates for successful attendance.