PARC Crisis Communication Course Successfully Completed in SEEBRIG HQ


PARC Mobile Training Team (MTT) in the period from 6-8 June2017 conducted the Crisis Communication Course for the first time with the SEEBRIG HQ staff. The Multinational South Eastern European Brigade personnel was introduced with the core principles and best practices of crisis communication, which is a key enabler for any successful peace support operations mission.

The theoretical knowledge was supplemented by relevant and realistic crisis scenarios for media training, TV Interview and News Conference. The practical exercises provided the participants with necessary experience for dealing with the media during a crisis and additionally raised awareness on the importance of having trained and skilled communicators in times of crisis.

The high relevance of crisis communication training was perceived through the large number of participants, who fully grasped the significance of this education and training activity with an emphasis on the crucial role that crisis communication plays within the multinational environment of SEEBRIG and its mission as such, finding the gained knowledge as highly applicable in their current and future operation.

Crisis communication skills are a must for the successful performance of any Public Affairs Officer in dealing with crises and proved to be needed in every crisis management tool-box. Although today’s crises vary in nature and complexity (natural disasters, organizational dysfunctions, economical breakdowns, military conflicts, migrant crises, terrorism), they all demand skilled and well trained Crisis Communicators, both in the military and the civilian world.

Emphasizing the quality of this important training, the personnel of the SEEBRIG HQ recognized the immense benefits and the need of further training and development in the field of Public Affairs, committing to a strengthened and widened cooperation, mapping the future steps of utilizing this unique opportunity for exchange of values and knowledge.