PARC’s Crisis Communication Course 2018

Crisis Communication Course 2018

Continuously rising interest in Crisis Communication training has made PARC once again in the focus of the current and future Public Affairs practitioners from ten NATO and partner countries. In the period from 07-11 May 2018, PARC as a proven PA hub in Europe and beyond gathered twenty military and civilian attendees on the Crisis Communication course to practice and enhance their communication skills and techniques for dealing with the Media in Crisis.

The theoretical lectures on the course were highly interactive and presented by a relevant international lecturers, thus creating a platform for exchanging of experiences and best practices.  Furthermore, the theoretical part of the course was supplemented by simulation exercises based on relevant and realistic crisis scenarios for TV Interview, TV Debate and Press Conference.

The practical exercises provided the participants with necessary experience for dealing with the media during a crisis and additionally raised awareness on the importance of having trained and skilled communicators in times of crisis.

Reaffirming the relevance and importance of this course, participants from Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Italy, Macedonia, Malta, Poland, Kuwait, Romania, and Ukraine had the excellent opportunity to practice and enhance their crisis communication skills.

Moreover, Mr. Piers Cazalet (NATO Deputy Spokesperson) added a great value to the course as a guest lecturer on the first day by introducing the participants with NATO Public affairs policy and Crisis Communication in NATO.

Crisis communication skills are a must for the successful performance of any Public Affairs Officer in dealing with crises and proved to be an essential instrument in every crisis management tool-box. Although today’s crises vary in nature and complexity (natural disasters, organizational dysfunctions, economical breakdowns, military conflicts, migrant crises, terrorism, they all demand skilled and well trained Crisis Communicators.

This is the area of expertise where PARC as a single PTEC specialized exclusively for Public Affairs training will continue to put maximum efforts for overcoming the reported shortfall of trained PA officers among all NATO and partner countries.