Providing Advanced Education and Training for PA officers in a Multicultural Environment


Once again the Public Affairs Regional Centre (PARC) has proven to be a PA hub in the region and beyond that actively supports the development of the PA segment as one of the essential prerequisite for any international operation’s success.

In the period from 16-20 October, PARC has gathered the PA personnel from the Ministries of Defence, Armed Forces and other security related state institutions from 11 NATO and Partner countries. Participants from Bulgaria, Croatia, China, Georgia, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia and Ukraine had the unique opportunity to learn, share experience and practice their communication and media dealing skills as part of the PARC’s annual International Course “Public Affairs in International Operations”.

Engagement of the highly experienced and professional guest lecturers, such as the former PA officer in NATO ACT, Mr. Roy Thorvaldsen, Social Media Expert, Mr.David Bailey as well as of the certified media trainers from Croatia and Macedonia added a great value to the quality of the course.

The feedback from participants which was more than positive gives us an additional strength and motivation to keep up the pace with the latest PA developments and requirements and to even further enhance the courses curriculum that will fit the needs of both, military and civilian target audience.