Public Affairs Training For International Operations


Providing well trained and skilled Public Affairs officers which are a key enabler for the success of any International Operation was once again on the Agenda of the Public Affairs Regional Centre. PA practitioners from Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Norway, Montenegro, The Netherlands, Turkey, KFOR and North Macedonia had the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and practical skills in Public Affairs during the five days “PA in International Operations” course held in PARC from 04-08 November 2019.

Furthermore, the vast expertise of engaged domestic and foreign subject matter experts gave additional value to the course and expanded the scope of participant’s knowledge in Social Media, Misinformation Campaigns, Disinformation Debunking and Building Trust, Integrity and Respect through Branding.

The course was designed to provide a platform for exchanging experiences and ideas through interactive lectures. Moreover, simulation exercises with camera exposure provided the participants with the necessary practical experience for dealing with the media during international operations within the multinational environment and additionally raised awareness on the importance of having trained and skilled communicators.

Upon completion, all course participants were awarded Certificates for attendance.